Thursday, January 12, 2017

New Year, New Changes: The changes coming to War Torn Front

Congratulations! We all survived another year around our sun.

As we start a new rotation around the sun, we, the staff at War Torn Front, have some new changes to announce to our event schedule,structure, and new monthly sales.

Magic the Gathering:

As Magic gets ready to release the follow up to Kaladesh in Aether Revolt, and change up the Standard and Modern Metagame with more Ban and Restricted announcements, We at War Torn Front also want to shake up our Magic events to provide more avenues for our players to enjoy the game.

Our new additions for our weekly Magic events are Frontier Magic, and Mystery Throwback Sealed.

Frontier has been gaining slow traction around the shop. Many players herald it as a nice segway between Standard and Modern. It allows more recent Standard players a chance to experience a non-rotating format without necessarily having to dive headfirst money-wise into it.

We are now offering a tournament day for Frontier on Thursday afternoons starting at 4 PM. We are also offering a casual free event on Saturday afternoons starting at 2 PM for players to experience Frontier. With two chances to play Magic's newest non-rotating format, do yourself a favor and come check it out.

Speaking of playing cards from all sorts of sets together, you should check out our Mystery Throwback Sealed.

This new Sunday afternoon format allows players to play with all sorts of commons and uncommons from Magic's vast library of cards. We also toss in a random booster pack to really shake up how your card pool looks.

Ever wondered how banding interacts with more recent Magic mechanics? Then this is the format you want to check out.

We offer this every Sunday starting at 2 PM and award Store credit to the winners of the event. In addition, everything you open is yours to keep.  Help build your Magic collection and experience Magic's history with this event.

FNM Leaderboard and FNM Play to Win Invitational:

Last year, we debited the FNM Leaderboard for Standard, and towards the end of the year, FNM Leaderboard for Draft.

The FNM Leaderboard served as a way for our players to get more rewards for playing more events with us. Players accrued points for the FNM leaderboard much like they did in regular tournament play. 3 points were awarded for each match win, 1 point for a match draw, and 0 points for a match loss. At the end of each week, points were compiled and the Top 8 players for Standard and Top 4 players for Draft would be posted here for players to keep track of where they were in the race.

At the end of the month, the Top 4 Standard players with the most points would receive store credit. 1st place got $20 Store Credit, 2nd place $10, 3-4th each received $5 Store credit. For Draft, the Top 2 players received the following: 1st place: Free Draft, 2nd place: 50% off their next draft.

This program will still remain in place for the next year, but we are adding onto the program with a FNM Championship series: FNM Play to Win Invitational.

Each Month, the top player for Standard and Draft will receive a free invite to an Invitational event to be hosted next year. If that player already has an invite, it will be passed down to the next highest player who does not possess an invite.

The event itself will be a multiformat event featuring multiple rounds of Swiss Draft, culminating in a Top 8 playoff featuring the Standard Format. The only way to play this event is to win an invite from any of our FNM leaderboard top finishes.

We look forward to seeing which of our players this year is the best FNM player in our store.


Thanks to Pokemon Go and Pokemon Sun and Moon, the Pokemon TCG has had a great renaissance in our store.

We offer Pokemon TCG every Sunday starting at 2 PM. The current sets available to play in the Pokemon TCG Standard are Pokemon XY Roaring Skies to Pokemon XY Evolutions. This will soon change when Pokemon Sun and Moon is added to the Pokemon TCG Family.

Looking for more of a challenge? Join us, January 22nd for the War Torn Front Battle Frontier League Cup. This sanctioned event offers Playmats and unqiue promos to this event type. Details for this event can be found on our website.

Speaking of Sun and Moon, We will be offering a Prerelease of Pokemon Sun and Moon's TCG. We are currently scheduled for January 29th with registration opening at 12:30 PM. We are currently taking preregistration for this event on our website. We highly encourage anyone who wants to play this prerelease to preregister for this event to ensure they have a spot for the event. We have a limited quantity of prerelease packs available and once they are gone, they are gone.

Join us every Sunday for your Pokemon TCG player experience.

Cardfight Vanguard:

Cardfight Vanguard picked up steam last year thanks to an amazing crew of players from the Tracy and Stockton area helping build the community in the area. Unfortunately, there were many issues with scheduling a Vangaurd event that did not conflict with work schedules and the store's events. However, we have finally hammered out the details and we are proud to announce that Vanguard will join us for Friday Nights.

Friday Night Vanguard is a weekly event that offers regular boosters, clan boosters, or store credit to the top placing players each week. We also give out weekly promos to all of our participating players to ensure everyone walks away with something. This event kicks off at 7 PM and runs till Midnight every Friday.

In addition, we are proud to announce that Cardfight Vanguard Sneak peeks will be moving to Friday Nights. When a Sneak Peek for a new set is available, we will be offering that Sneak Peek alongside our weekly event.

So join us Vanguard players, every Friday night for your weekly fix of Vanguard fun.

Monthly Sales

In December, we offered a small monthly sale on all of our product in store. Whether it was Magic, Pokemon, Vanguard, Weiss, Retro Video Games, Board Games, or any of their accessories, we had some sort of discount available for players to take advantage of.

After reviewing feedback from our customers, we are proud to announce that we will be doing a Monthly Sale. Each month, different items will be on sale and offered all month along. We will be posting our monthly sales on the front page of our website, and here on our Blog. All of these sales are only valid for In Store Purchase only.

2017 is already shaping up to be an interesting year for gaming. We at War Torn Front Game Center want to help shape your gaming experience for this year to be the absolute best it can be.

As always, feel free to leave comments here or on our Facebook page @ War Torn Front Game Center. We look forward to another amazing year of gaming with out customers, players and gaming family!

War Torn Front
Play to Win!

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